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We are a bunch of thinkers who are looking to render their services to potential clients and helping them achieving their objectives. We are a team of people with different professional backgrounds coming together to harness their love of penning down their thoughts in words. We all were connected by a common thread of passion for creativity. Black Solutions is an advertising agency that provides 360 degree solutions in visual productions for films/corporate videos/viral videos/ Television commercials and infomercials. We believe in expressing emotions and conveying message through the powerful visual medium. Our goal has always been to exploit the tool of creativity to develop a captivating visual expression. .


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I was watching Comedy nights with Kapil the other night and laughing my heartout. The one thing which remained in my mind even after I had switched off myTV is the famous punch line of the show, Baba ji ka thullu. read More...


I am circumscribing a part of my vague feelings that followed as your thoughtprovided me a break from a tiresome reading. This is not intended to melt youover a passionate articulation of my intense feelings, read More...


And she turned her face over her left shoulder to match hereye balls with mine which were leveled at least a foot abovehers and awarded me a jubilant smile which my heartcomprehended into an approval of my tacit proposal. read More...


I am a music freak, love listening to music, in fact it is somethingwhich keeps me engaged most of the times. While travelling or arphones When I am happy and elated, or when feeling down there is a song for every feeling of mine. read More...

Love Online

Love is one of the most overused terms these days. With the advancementof technology, the reach of that word: ‘love’ has really broken theboundaries of distance.The greatest gift we can find in life. And possibly the most read More...


“I know nothing but my ignorance.” When great classical Greek thinker Socrates said this in around 400 BC, it was not admittance by a learned man about his ignorance of a particular field of science or art. read More...

client testimonials

  •   1. Great bunch of guys who love what they do i.e. creating cool and creative stuff!!, GW Films.

    Ankit customer
  •   2. Enjoyed working with the team of enthusiastic professionals who often hit the right cord more often than not, B.L. Agro Oils Ltd.

    Himanshu customer
  •   3. Creating market researched and creative content is their forte!, Balaji Polymers.

    Nilima customer